Shooting Crazy stuff with Roger Charles

Hi lovelies!

So on the 20th August I shot with the incredible Roger Charles, along with a hugely talented creative team. Roger is a world renowned fashion and beauty photographer and happens to be a good friend of mine so I was extra excited to work with him.

We shot in his studio down in Folkestone and worked with a crazy bondage type clothing theme. The shots will all be published so I cannot release the completed edits just yet but here are a few sneak peaks and BTS shots of our fun work together.

MUA: the oh so gorgeous Holly O’Connor

Hair: the incredible winner of BBC’s Hair Phil Hunt




Hi gorgeous things,
Just a quick post today about a few of my outfits from this week, none of them are very good pictures I’m afraid as I have been so busy with work and some exciting projects that I’ve been plotting away on but you can get a feel for my general style in the slightly warmer weather we’ve been having.

,IMG_00001703 IMG_00001708

This was a really comfy outfit I wore just to go into town to take some things back and meet a few friends. My jeans are H&M, jumper is river island, and my boots that I am obsessed with at the moment are also River island! I wore this outfit with an elastic choker and a hamsa hand gold necklace along with a little suede bag I got in a charity shop for £1.50

IMG_00001729  IMG_00001731


This little number was thrown together in a bit of a hurry as a friend and I made last minute plans to meet up on a sunny day for a catch up. My split side top is Urban Outfitters which I wore over some little jersey shorts from H&M that I usually wear for yoga. My chunky black knit is Topshop and is one of my all time favourites as it is so versatile and comfy. My thigh high boots are an Ebay find after River Island sold out of their version and I accessorized with gold jewellery, dark red lipstick and wore my Beautyworks hair extensions.



Shooting in the sunshine

On the 10th March I had the pleasure of working with Dilip Harani and creating some magic in the woods, since receiving the edited images I have had a lot of compliments and I’m really pleased with how our work came out. Dilip is primarily a wedding photographer and has only recently transferred into more creative work, he was great to work with and we shared ideas equally to create a true collaboration,

We shot in Abbey Woods on a gorgeous sunny day, take a look at our creations,

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“Worry does not empty tomorrow of its sorrow, it empties today of its strength”

I am a worrier, I worry about everything and if I don’t have anything to worry about I worry about the next time I’ll have something to worry about. why am I telling you this? Well, my little chums it has struck me that once again I am awake at an unearthly hour with dozens of ideas, worries and mild panic attacks going off in my head despite my yoga this morning, which usually helps me drift off to sleep. As I was lying in my bed propped up on a pillow and watching endless episodes of The Office US on Netflix it struck me that at times when I am most anxious or pessimistic I almost always am struck with a sudden surge of philosophical thinking which either leads me to writing lists until my alarm goes off or sends me writing in my journal for hours.  However, on this occasion, I have you lovelies to write to and I would love to think that I am not the only one that spends their nights procrastinating and lulling themselves into a frenzied state! Because of this I thought it would be just splendid to share some little tips and tricks that I use to get over my worries and stresses in everyday life ❂ Read More

Saving my wrecked hair

Good Afternoon lovelies,

Today’s post is a little about my destroyed hair and how I managed to save it and bring it back to life!
First things first, now that I am a hairdresser in training with knowledge of how to best care for your lovely locks I would like to show you just how little knowledge I had before I began my training.
I have been having my hair coloured and wearing hair extensions since I was twelve years old and I probably had my hair cut once a year if that. Once I got to sixteen I just started doing whatever I fancied to my hair and experimenting with all manner of colours, there was also a time I was beaching my hair once a week every week! In lieu of this my hair was left broken, extremely damaged, sensitized and altogether very unsightly but I have now got my hair to be growing around 1/2 an inch every month and there’s very little damage at all to my to my little hair friends. So, now that I have experimented with every hair mask, oil treatment and miracle foods I would like to pass on my wisdom to help my fellow damaged friends in desperate need of quenching their locks.

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Beauty Works Hair Extensions Review

As I may have mentioned, I am hair OBSESSED; I am working towards my NVQ level 3 in hairdressing and I’m already a licensed hair extension technician so I like to think I know a thing or two when it comes to weave! I have also worn hair extensions since the age of twelve because sadly, I suffer with anxiety and stress related alopecia. So in my short little life I’ve tried them all, from sew-ins to clip-ins, from micro-links to full wigs; if it’s out there I’ve already got it! So I thought, seeing as I am a huge fan of Beauty Works hair pieces already but have not yet had a set of their clip-ins I should take the plunge. Three weeks ago I went ahead and ordered my first set of Beauty Works clip-ins and I have been testing them out ever since in order to give you lovelies a fair and honest review and here it is…

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