10 Ways to Make Your Life Better TODAY

Feel happier today (2)We can all stand to feel a bit happier, a bit more uplifted, a bit more energised so here are some tips for small changes you can make today and really feel the benefit from them immediately! Wishing you all the best day ever :

1. Get out of bed! We all like to ‘take to the bed’ at times of sadness but it never actually makes you feel any better. Sometimes I’ve had to peel myself out of bed and peel the half eaten pizza slice off my stomach as well and really force myself to just get up as even this can feel like such a challenge when you are in a bad depression bout but I have always felt better when I have. open your eyes, turn on the lights, open the curtains and try to face the day. Studies show that people that stick to a good sleep routine have a much better overall mood as well as fewer health complications.

2. Get your body moving! We all know the power of endorphins and any kind of way to get your blood pumping will improve your mood. Don’t feel pressure to go on a 10 mile run if it’s not your thing, even sticking on some music and dancing about can have the same affect on your happy feelings.

3. Treat yo self! Don’t go mad but we all deserve little treats and perks sometimes and if there’s something you’ve had your eye on for a while but keep denying yourself- go and get it! Could be as simple as a cute new notebook to write all your affirmations in (see previous post!)

4. Meditate! Now I know lots of people struggle with this and think it’s all new age garbage but people have been meditating since 1500 BCE (that’s actually a fact) so there must be a reason for it. Sometimes just relaxing your physical body and relaxing your mind can really help you find some inner calm and sometimes can help you to come up with solutions to problems you have been having. If you can’t seem to switch off then I suggest trying guided mediation, there are loads of videos on youtube and they can be really useful when your mind tends to wonder.

5. Throw it out! Cleaning out your closet or going through your cupboards and chucking out all the old clutter can give you a sense of accomplishment as well as lots more space. You might find some stuff you can sell for extra dosh too!

6. Bake! There’s a reason we love the Great British Bake Off, making and eating sweet treats is fun, challenging and can also be given as sweet gifts for other people. Giving something thoughtful and homemade to other people makes us feel good about ourselves, eating them for ourselves also feels pretty damn good.

7. Plan! Make a plan for something fun with people that love and care about you, think of a fun thing you’ve always wanted to do; maybe you always wanted to try indoor rock climbing or go to the secret cinema club? Having things to look forward to will always improve your outlook on life

8. Lists! I love a good list; I’m writing one right now, but feeling organised and aware of the things I need to do and things that I want to do really helps me feel less stressed as well as gives me actual duties to focus on.

9. Yoga! I preach about yoga to everyone, I love it; it makes me feel happy, cleansed and it’s a great workout. It’s not all easy stretches and breathing, there are so many different types of yoga and the benefits are endless. If you have ongoing aches and pains- yoga. If you need to feel more energised- yoga. If you struggle with focusing on everyday tasks- yoga. Try a local class or just go on youtube and see how you go.

10. Pamper! This can take many different forms, I am definitely not a girl that gets her nails done every week but I do love getting my hair done. If your version of pampering yourself is getting a sunbed or getting a massage then go nuts! Looking after yourself is always a good thing.

Have a good day angels and as per usual, let me know if you enjoy this content and leave a comment or drop me a DM for any suggestions.

Lucyannajackson x

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