Bibi Herron Product Launch Shoot

Have you ever spent your day in a manor house so big you lost your shoes three times?! I have!

24th September saw me getting up at 5am to travel down to Chippenham and meet some of the loveliest humans I’ve ever met, their names were Habibiana Herron and Oliver McGivern.

Habibiana (Bibi) is a designer from Bath and has just launched her self titled bespoke silk scarf company. She chose me to showcase her designs for all her website and promotional artwork!
Oliver McGivern is a freelance photographer with a flair for making me hysterically crack up in between shots.

We were lucky enough to have the most stunning location to shoot in along with a handful of classic cars to prance about in!
I didn’t stop smiling all day and cannot wait to see Bibi’s business go from strength to strength.

As always, here are final shots released on 1st October



Check out their websites BibiHerron McGivern

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