Hi gorgeous earthlings!

September 15th saw me travelling to a place I had never heard of and being covered in slithery creatures for a photoshoot, here is how the day went…

I shot with the totally down-to-earth and truly lovely Holly E Meadowes Photography
Had my make-up done by Jessica Mae Mooney and when I say she preened me to perfection I truly mean it, I had been shooting so much my skin was in a terrible state and she made all my blemishes and yucky bits totally disappear which always makes me more confident when I have to pose in front of strangers!
The gorgeous jewelry was gifted by Rosa Pietsch designs
My slithery friends on the day were ┬áprovided by CPS Reptiles, now when I said yes to the shoot I knew I wasn’t scared of snakes as I’ve never been scared of any animal or creature but I had no idea I would fall in love with them! As soon as I got my hands on the most gorgeous reticulated python you will ever see I was enamored! Snakes don’t feel slimy or wet like you might think, they’re very soft and lovely to touch which is what shocked me the most, I was also so surprised at how calm the snakes were, they weren’t fussed at all that I was wrapping them round my arms and legs. After twenty minutes the largest snake wrapped herself around my head and sat there for the entirety of the shoot!

Here are the final edits from my crazy snakey adventure, as always I hope you like them and should you want to book me please get in touch via my contact page.


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