SPY movie premiere

Director and writer Paul Feig reaches new levels of hilarity in his sure-to-be smash hit SPY starring Melissa McCarthy, Jason Statham and Jude Law.

I had the privilege of attending the premiere of this comedy masterpiece on the 27th May in Leicester square and the crowds were out in their hundreds to catch a glimpse of the dreamy Jude Law, cheeky chap Statham and the firecracker that is Melissa McCarthy to name but a few of the hugely talented cast, I personally was beside myself with the honor of being in the same room as Miranda Hart and yes, she really is as tall as she says!

Now, fans of Feig’s work will recognize more than a few familiar faces that have popped up in his other successes such as Bridesmaids and The Heat but do not for a moment think that re-using said actors may appear tired and over-done; each scene sees McCarthy take on a whole new level of the word ‘Fuck’ with her lightening speed insults.
The fun that the cast and crew had making the film jumped off the screen through the fast-paced quips and risque humor that always goes along with McCarthy’s style. Statham fans will be impressed to see him going back to his comedy roots in taking on the role of the stern top agent Rick Ford and he does so with British wit and spot-on physical playfulness, apart from his bizarre pronunciation of the word ‘twat’ which I presume is for the American audience!
The plot is exciting, quick to build and yet easy to follow despite the film’s twists and turns, this helps carry the weight of the humor as without such a straight narrative path the jokes may have fallen on deaf ears.
Miranda Hart offers a delightful bout of silliness to the otherwise more crude jokes which creates the most wonderful contrast between herself and McCarthy. Jude Law took on the role of gorgeous 007 type agent Bradley Fine and his dashing good looks provide the perfect physicality of a dream-boat CIA agent as well as his actual hard work in characterization and perfectly timed eyebrow raises.
It is clear as day that the entire cast put their heart and soul into each of their roles and Rose Byrne, although appearing ever-so pleasant in real-life, captures her villain role exquisitely and has made me think twice about just how lovely she really may be!

There is one reason why SPY has been met with such fantastic reviews; it is a hoot, the humor is a plenty as is the eye-candy in this quick-witted, action packed laughing fest!

My few pictures were taken in a hurry as I was ushered in hence my some-what flustered appearance.

11140305_10153280817278830_3331119033739828186_n 11146614_10153280824963830_3722777566276594455_n

SPY will be hitting cinemas May 30th


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