Urban Decay and LaModa uk (hey that rhymes)

Evening lovelies 🙂

So, as a massive fan of Urban Decay make-up I may have splurged again last week on some new eye shadows and their new Naked concealers and I thought why not do a little post about my findings.

The concealers go hand in hand with the Naked skin foundations that I also have; it’s weightless but offers TOTAL coverage it’s amazing, honestly so I had high hopes for the concealers too… I was not disappointed (: I bought shade Fair Neutral and it works great as a highlighter as well as covering up my under-eye bags and any other little marks that are shouting out at me. I asked for a colour match up, which I always do as it is the most irritating thing in the world when you spend hours browsing brand after brand, settle on one, find a shade, go home and realise it only works in the super-harsh lighting of Boots! So, after being matched up I had a little play about and I instantly thought it was very thick and I was worried it might be too cakey but as soon as you begin dabbing and blending it smooths into a lovely creamy paste and hides anything underneath without feeling like you’e plastered clay all over your face. All in all, it’s become a staple and I will definitely be re-stocking when I run out.


I also got some new eye-shadows as I have been wearing loads of matte colours and I had just got a bit bored of them really, I fancied something a little more glamorous for nights out or seeing my boyfriend etc. With this in mind I made full use of my hand as a palette to dab, draw and blot various glittery shades over it’s entirety! After much deliberation I chose three shimmery ones in shades Midnight Rodeo- a glittery super pigmented nude, Twice Baked- a dark tan brown with a slight purple sparkle and Midnight Cowgirl- a girly pink glittery pot of ethereal goodness (:


A few nights ago I was having a play about with my new make up and a faux septum I got from LaModa and here are a few pictures I took so you can have a look at the make up in action too 🙂



Hope you’re all well you beautiful creatures,


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