Saving my wrecked hair

Good Afternoon lovelies,

Today’s post is a little about my destroyed hair and how I managed to save it and bring it back to life!
First things first, now that I am a hairdresser in training with knowledge of how to best care for your lovely locks I would like to show you just how little knowledge I had before I began my training.
I have been having my hair coloured and wearing hair extensions since I was twelve years old and I probably had my hair cut once a year if that. Once I got to sixteen I just started doing whatever I fancied to my hair and experimenting with all manner of colours, there was also a time I was beaching my hair once a week every week! In lieu of this my hair was left broken, extremely damaged, sensitized and altogether very unsightly but I have now got my hair to be growing around 1/2 an inch every month and there’s very little damage at all to my to my little hair friends. So, now that I have experimented with every hair mask, oil treatment and miracle foods I would like to pass on my wisdom to help my fellow damaged friends in desperate need of quenching their locks.

So, just in case you were wondering just how crazy I have been with my hair I shall present to you, my lovely readers the horrors of what my hair has been through.

10494553_10206038160377731_701393488064040321_n 1779098_10206038159857718_5876977952651859427_n

From pastel pink to almost black, I have tried it. I should also mention that I am wearing extensions in almost every single picture which over the years has, of course caused damage to my hair from the constant added weight.

Now, lets get to where this journey of recovery began; just six months ago I finally had the bravery to chop my hair (the final picture where my hair is my natural colour and very short.) In this short time my hair has grown several inches and I have managed to colour it several times in a sensible way without causing too much damage.

So, how did I do it?

  1. Bite the bullet and chop off the dead ends, there really is no other way to go about it, keeping the split ends will mean that as your hair grows the damaged ends will split further up the hair shaft meaning that any new hair growth will be sabotaged.
  2. Once you have taken the plunge you cannot keep treating your newly healthy and shorter hair badly, this means, minimal use of any electrical heating equipment, quality products, minimal colour processes and regular trims.
  3. If you are trying to grow your hair like me then do not get your hair cut every six weeks, instead aim for every eight to twelve weeks in order to maintain growth but hair integrity as well.
  4. Invest in quality hair care products, I swear by Pureology strength cure range as it is completely vegan and works fantastically. I also use Kerastase Masquintense in order to maintain the moisture in my hair as adding strength to the hair will help to repair the hair’s inner cortex but moisture must be added or you will feel like your hair is even worse. This is because adding protein to the hair dries out your hair but don’t worry, protein is what your hair needs so stick with it and alternate a protein shampoo with a moisturising shampoo.


My personal hair care routine includes only washing my hair once a week with Pureology strength cure shampoo and conditioner however, every second wash I will use my masquintense as a conditioner in the place of the Pureology one, this means my hair stays strong and smooth which is what we all want 🙂
As far as styling products go I use Kerastase Nectar thermique for heat protection and Nioxin diaboost as a thickening lotion. I only blow dry my hair when it is absolutely necessary and almost everyday I will forego the straighteners or curling wands, it is hard but it has to be done if you want super strong and long hair. Six months down the line I am very impressed with how my hair is holding up, I have had it trimmed three times since the inital chop and it has certainly helped my hair to grow efficiently and in a uniform manner.

I wish you all luck on your hair growth journeys and if you have any questions please feel free to ask me,

lotsa love,
Lulubella xo

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