Urban Decay Haul

Good evening gorgeous things!
My apologies for going AWOL! Let’s get back to business!

Now, as I had mentioned my Birthday was coming up and every year I treat myself and get a makeover at MAC and stock up on all the goods I’ll need for the coming year whilst spending an obscene amount of money, it’s like my little bitter-sweet tradition . However, this year I decided to go for Urban Decay, mainly because the manager of the concession looked like some ethereal nymph and I was dying for her to do my make-up like hers. So, at 11 am on the 23rd October I prepared for an image overhaul and I thought I’d share with you the results and the many products I invested in ❧


As you can see it’s not a dramatic look really, just bold lips. I wanted her to be creative but I think she may have thought I’d be scared off, either way, I was just going about my day afterwards so I didn’t want anything too dramatic as I was going to get my hair done but I have been looking for the perfect purple lippy for an age (it’s either too goth or too princessy) this time I definitely found it. I bought their make up setting spray, all day face primer with b6 vitamin, eye-liners in Perversion, Hustle and Psychedelic sister (this was used on my lips) , mascara and primer in Perversion, Naked skin foundation in 3.5 and a new smudgy brush, take a peek…

I should have really taken a before and after but I was enjoying my day too much!

Love earthlings ♒



  1. Heidie Makes · November 8, 2014

    Cool lipstick color!


  2. bhavi89 · November 9, 2014

    Loving your eyes and lip colour! If you are free, would be great if you could check out my blog on http://www.beautypuzzled.wordpress.com x


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