Today- Allergies, Headscarf, Emma Cervin and Scrubs

Evening, Morning, Good afternoon,
wherever you are here’s a little about my day…

A few days ago I had a severe allergic reaction to something, who know’s what, whilst at work and had to spend the day in A&E popping anti-histamine which knocked me out something crazy, so much so that I woke up half way through my shift today! Thankfully they were very understanding and weren’t too angry so I’m still employed, for now anyway.
I spent the rest of my day watching Scrubs and Emma Cervin videos on YouTube, if you haven’t seen any of her videos she’s a make-up guru and is completely gorgeous so have a search around for her.
Anyways, here’s some pictures of what I wore today ❁


Black High waist jeans are H&M
Long swing back top is River Island
and my beautiful headscarf styled in another way


One comment

  1. maria z #dirtychicdiary# · March 26, 2015

    Your outfit looks great, perfect styled and love your atittude!!!


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