Pureology Cruelty free Hair-Care

In my line of work it is paramount that I am up to date with the latest and greatest in all things hair. Bearing this in mind I thought, as I’m such a giver, I would impart a little of my wisdom onto you readers on this gorgeous, completely vegan range!

I’ve recently introduced Pureology to my hair care routine and it has quickly become my go-to range, however it is not hugely known about if you are not actively in the Hair industry so for anyone that wants to be in on the know about effective products then just hang on and read these quick bites of info!

Pureology is specifically for colour treated hair
All products are sulphate free
100% vegan
Custom hair care for every type
Bottles are 100% recyclable
Sold exclusively in Salons and spas; if you see it somewhere else it may be a fake product
Pureology supports sustainability and actively practices the principles set in place

BzXvae3CYAEAN4p So, as you may be able to tell I am rather passionate about this brand; I love what they represent and the principles they uphold. Nevertheless. no one wants a hair product that’s environmentally friendly, doesn’t test on animals but doesn’t actually work which is what I found with so many ‘organic’ ranges, this is where Pureology comes in.

With over ten different ranges to suit your specific hair type it is very simple to choose the best option for you and what makes it even easier is the on-line hair consultation on their website.

I personally have been every hair colour under the sun (see pictures) and all that chemical damage that is caused when colour is applied again and again had left my hair brittle, dry, breaking and pretty ill all round. This is because of the chemical process that goes on during the colour changing process and thus, my poor old hair needed an intervention if I am hoping to grow it longer. In order to take on this mission I recruited the STRENGTH CURE range from Pureology. This strengthening family of products works at building up the hair infrastructure again to prevent further breakage without drying out my hair. I have been using this range for four weeks now and have already seen vast improvements to my hair’s strength and appearance. It is easier to style and no longer snaps off when combing or brushing, it basically behaves the way hair should.

However, not everyone has seriously damaged hair and of course STRENGTH CURE would not be beneficial for everyone to use but this is where the vast array of custom colour care ranges comes into play; whether you dye your hair red and hate having to go to the salon for a toner every other week or are desperately trying to get the volume back into your limp and lifeless hair, Pureology has a family of products perfectly suited to you. ♚

template_P4P_headers_largecurl_complete_curlextend_350x350So, if you are bored with products that promise you you’ll come out the shower looking like Nicole Scherzinger and deliver a look to you far more resembling the head of a toilet brush then have a little mosey on down to the Pureology website and find your local stockist.

Oh, one last thing; no, I am not paid to write about Pureology they’re just great products✌


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