Head-scarves are probably my most favourite head and hair accessory of all, mainly because they are so easy to install and add such a quirky edge to any outfit.
I love how tying a headscarf in a slightly different way can change the whole feel of an outfit; from a retro pin-up style to a tribal turban. Even to a formal occasion wearing a head-scarf can add a certain edge to an ensemble.
Whenever I wear one of mine I find I get a lot of compliments and people are generally more friendly towards me, I think this is because wearing a headscarf takes some confidence and people therefore assume I will be a chatty and easy to approach person.

However, I must admit, my head scarves are not very popular with the opposite sex, luckily this doesn’t bother me at all as I wear what I like for my own reasons not to please anyone else. something I also hear a lot are comments from girls saying things along the lines of “I could never pull off something like that” which I think is very sad as head scarves are so fun and easy to wear. for some reason head scarves seem to just be too ‘out there’ for many.
If you have a piece of square material lying around simply add a fun addition to your outfit and see how it makes you feel!

Here are some examples of how I wear my most treasured headscarf:


I lalalarrrrve the way Neon Hitch wears her head scarves as well, take a little look see and have a go yourself ☯

Neon Hitch - Publicity Photo Fall 2013




  1. theroyalrascal · October 7, 2014

    Love the headscarf!


  2. Naked Insider · October 8, 2014

    The headscarf fashion is tricky to pull off but you rock it!


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